Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From the Mind of...

Wow. This stuff is amazing. But, I don't think I could eat it a lot at a time, but every night a few spoonfuls would be good.

Mamma Mia is actually getting good reviews. I was really nervous about this because the play is so much fun, but so far it looks good. Max and I will be going next week sometime.

I went to Staples today and they have the coolest thing! A big display of office products (paper clips and what nots) and tub and you can make your own mix of products. It's like my dream come true. Now if only they'd have added in post-its I would have been over the moon.

I love the new scented laundry detergent. I have taken to washing my sheets in Tide Vanilla-Lavendar and the scented fabric softener. I am very pleased with the results. I think I will be changing my sheets a lot more from now on.

I am reading the new Artemis Fowl, very good so far. This is a fantastic series (upper elementary/young adult). I am also listening to Eclipse-- the third book in the Twilight series. I needed to listen to it to have it fresh because the fourth book comes out on August 2. Vampires!

I love the show Weeds. In honor of that here is a shirtless moment (yummy Silas) and a video. Mind you the show is highly inappropriate with lots of swearing and drugs and some sex, but I watch it when the kids are not around AND even my husband loves it. Andy is our favorite character, but it is just a well done, really funny show. Check it out. If you start at season 1, give it about four episodes. It just gets funnier as it goes! And, this is one of the cleaner clips I have found online for the show. If you want totally hysterical, but pretty rude check this one out (good to know if you are raising boys).


zdoodlebub said...

Have I mentioned that Always Sunny is back in Sept? Woot!

(I'd better start renting Weeds).

jana said...

You will not be sorry!

jana said...

I have the first season you could borrow if you want. Or you can check them out from the public library!