Sunday, June 08, 2008

Weekend Round Up

We found a walkthrough online of Lego Indiana Jones so Saturday evening I spent time on the computer reading to Max how to finish levels. He is VERY patient when the game is not going his way...

I had such a huge list of things I needed to do and I kind of panicked that I had too much to do so I did them ALL on Saturday. It's okay because now I am looking at a wide open Sunday. It is raining though so that kind of narrows down what I can accomplish.

I am going to work at my school and make sure I am in a good spot for tomorrow.

Two more days of school--I am so sick of all my clothes that if I actually had another week I would probably go to school one day in sweats as protest.

I am going to take a bath today. It's kind of nice that this is my biggest goal and I think I can accomplish it.

Scott worked graduation and the senior party last night and didn't get home until 5:00am. He'll be sleeping a bit today.

We bought all the stuff we needed to finish our basement bathroom. Scott will work a bit on that stuff and then next week the plumbers will be coming to finish it all! No more peeing outside the basement door for all the men in this house!!

I am going to talk the family into going out to dinner tonight. Either Famous Dave's (which is so good) or Hu Hot which is also tasty. We normally go out on the last day of school, but this year we won't be able to--Scott will be playing in a golf tournament and I will be working in my classroom because I am busy on Wednesday and will not be able to work in there that day. So, tonight will be out end of the school year dinner celebration!

Obviously this year's seniors on the soccer team LOVED Scott because we got graduation announcements from all of them. That has not happened before. So we ended up with more than I thought.

I do have to deliver a baby present today. The baby was born in January and I have had the present since March. Procrastinate much?

(new season, new blog colors...)

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