Thursday, June 05, 2008

We have five graduation parties to go to and since I am out of creativeness I got all the girls gift cards. I had Max draw a picture for the card though:
While at the first party I did see the coolest idea and am a little ashamed that I never thought of this. One lady got an llbean tote and then had initials put on it in a different colored thread. She tried to have the colors match the colleges the girls were going to. Granted, we had seven announcements and I could not have done this for all of them, but in the upcoming years as the people we know graduating are people we know better I think I will do something like this. For Christmas I got Max's teacher an XL bag with the word "Books" monogrammed on it for her kids to put their library books in it when they bring them back to school.

I want one that says "magazines" for my living room. Also, Max's teacher is going down to kindergarten and we made a deal for some of my stuff so she bought me a medium size one with pink handles that says books in navy on it. It's so I can take stuff back and forth to school when I am a librarian--did you all know I was going to be a librarian?

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melissa said...

The monogram totes are a great grad gift. Also, a set of monogram towels in the school colors is another idea I like. Of course, I give all the girls set of personalized stationery and thye seem to like it.

LOVE Max's drawing!!!Such talent :)