Tuesday, June 17, 2008


When I am around my computer at school I check up on things and add to my blog way more than in the summer when I am not around the computer.

So, additions to this may be sparse in the next few months.

Logical Max:

Max: I don't want to go to basketball camp.

Me: I know, but if you go all week you get a t-shirt and a basketball at the end of the week.

Max: (starting to get teary voice) I just don't want to go.

Me: Well, you have to give it a try. Also, I know that at the end today you get a popsicle.

Max: (after a moment's thought) I do like popsicles.

He went to camp but hasn't thrived. The only reason I am making him do it is because he told me he would therefore I paid for him to do it AND I know that when Carter brings his ball home at the end of the week Max will wish he had one.

The weather is great here, I love this town in June.
I haven't done much in my library because the old librarian still has a few things to finish up and the janitor's have to clean the carpets, then I can get started making it MY library.

I am rounding up some little girls to take to this movie this weekend because I think it looks adorable and wholesome. Carter said he didn't want to go, then Max said he wanted to go, so then Carter said if Max goes he wants to go.

Summer is here and it makes me super glad I am a teacher!!

Also, since I know all of you are dying to know, they did not address the relationship on BSG and the ending was really weird. Now we have to wait until next January to find out what happened.

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