Sunday, June 29, 2008


*We saw Wall-E today. Cutest robots EVER!

*I start my internship tomorrow. I will be spending four hours on Mondays and two on Wednesdays at the public library for the next three weeks. I am very excited about this because I know I can learn a lot from the children's librarian there!

*The library is officially mine. I met with the retiring librarian on Thursday and she is done, moved out and ready to move on! I can start rearranging and throwing away to my heart's content!

*Having a great visit with my sister. I love spending time with her!

*I still have the stupid sun rash. It is really irritating me and I can't wait until it clears up!

*Scott finished the bathroom in the basement tonight (with the help of master home improver Micah). It looks great. Now we just have cleaning to do before Wednesday when our company comes. And a Costco visit.

(I didn't notice this until I just read through, but I ended almost every bullet with an exclamation point--that's how excited I am).

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Robyn said...

Hm, I seem to recall me phoning you with another "discovery" about a week and a half ago to tell you about this amazing, slightly expensive, product which soothes and helps prevent heat rashes...