Friday, June 13, 2008

Start of Summer

Thursday me and a friend (Max's teacher Mrs. Hill--or former teacher now that school is out) went to Spokane. She caretakes for a house in Whitefish at Ironhorse and the family she works for is coming to town soon so she needed to take their car to Spokane to get it serviced. I spent way too much money and we had way to much fun. A very nice break between school and summer. It was also kind of nice that school got out on a Tuesday because I got the rest of this week to catch up on a few things and clean up a few things before camps start on Monday.

We went to Footloose at the Bigfork Summer Playhouse. Not that great. The voices just were not that strong. But I am buying Phantom tickets for Max and Carter and I in Spokane this fall (Scott will be in soccer season and not able to go). Max is so excited to see Phantom as you can imagine. He has VBS and basketball camp next week and Carter has basketball camp. I predict that Max will not want to go back to basketball camp after the first day, but I am going to encourage he stick it out because they get basketballs at the end of the week and he will want that.

Carter is spending the weekend with a friend and Scott is going on his fishing trip on Sunday. It will be a nice, quiet, mellow weekend, but I have a bit of a to do list. I really neglected things these last few weeks of school!

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