Thursday, June 05, 2008


I am a shameful teacher right now.
I give my students some work and then let them sit at their tables and talk and roam and "work" while I get other stuff done, like report cards, or blogging.
Every now and again I will shout out random things the them like, "stop throwing your pencil," or "sit down," or "wipe your nose." Really effective, let me tell you!
I also caught a kid sticking his tongue out at me the other day.
Kindergarten might not go down as their favorite year of school.
Wait until they get their end of the year CD. I do this every year and I STILL have kids (the class I started with are fourth graders now) come up and tell me they listen to their CD all the time.
That rocks.
I also did have a few moms tell me they are disappointed that I am going to be in the library next year because they wanted their upcoming children to have me. That makes me feel successful.

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Engellant said...

The Kindergarten CD from a year ago is still in our car cd player - Drew, Trey and myself all have our own favorites on the cd. You are thought of often. Thanks again!