Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In Honor of Dads

As I was serving my children chocolate fudge pop tarts for breakfast --

(in what world are these things considered breakfast food?
and I only gave them each one before I sent them off for the day--that's some good energy)

and thinking what a shameful parenting moment that was, one of many throughout my day (seriously, TV is more important than they are, when will they realize this?), I thought, in honor of father's day, you could post you dirty little mommy secrets here.

To refresh your memory, I have done this, TWICE. Care to share yours?

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zdoodlebub said...

When I first discovered bloggers and blogging, aka time sucker extraordinaire, my husband came home unexectedly early from a business trip. To find me hunched over the keyboard, our kids watching TV and scavenging for food at 8pm and dirty dishes cluttering every surface in the kitchen. Yep, I was proud.