Sunday, June 08, 2008

I didn't get to take my bath.
Watching new Law & Order: CI. Dean Winters is a guest star. A Dean Winters on drama is fine, but I love him best as Liz Lemon's boyfriend on 30 Rock.
Burning CDs for my kindergarteners.
I am not going to sleep much the next few days because I have all summer to catch up.
If they do not address the Apollo/Starbuck relationship I will be so pissed. The midseason finale of this season is next Friday. Fingers crossed.
I only have one pair of pants I can even stand wearing and two days of school. Do you think anyone will notice if I wear them both days?

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zdoodlebub said...

No one will notice the pants, trust me! ;)

Love your sidebar quote. I adore that show more than anything because I envision my Z in adulthood as a cross between Sheldon and Leonard. In a different profession, probably, but the essence will be the same.