Thursday, June 05, 2008


So, I changed something on my blog today.
Who can figure it out first?
It's way easy.
But, it is a tribute to this poster I bought for my new library.
In fact I was going to put that on my license plate but Scott thought that sounded a bit snooty. Like the time we knew someone with the plate "DSRV IT" (deserve it) and we thought that was kind of snooty.
I was going to put "AHSUM" but settled for "BK NRD."
I am only awesome in my own mind when to everyone else I actually am more of a nerd. (Like when Robyn was telling Alex the names I gave the kittens, which are all from BSG, and Alex called us nerds--hey little seventh grader, we're cool).
But, I love that word because it just covers everything.

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Renn said...

Your blog is so totally AWESOME!!!! :)