Sunday, May 18, 2008

Busy Weekend

It has been awhile! Here's what has been happening:

*Max turned 8! We had a small party for him in Coeur d'Alene where he opened several Indiana Jones lego kits. He is so excited for the movie this week--we all are. We will have a small party with friends this weekend.

*Carter played three hard soccer games this weekend. He did well, scored a few goals. The team played hard, we didn't win a game but played better our third game than our first. They are still young and have a lot to learn, but they are improving. It will be fun to watch them when they are like 14 and have been doing this for years, if Carter keeps at it until then! He does love soccer, but he loses heart sometimes. We'll see how it comes along in the next few years.

*I went to a bridal shower for my cousin's finacee. They are getting married in August and Carter is their junior groomsmen. A bunch of my relatives from Tacoma came over including my sister (I love hanging out with her) so the shower was a tinge like a family reunion. I didn't get as much time to spend with them as I'd have liked, but I was really there for soccer. The shower was a blast though.

*On our way home we stopped at the Kootenai Falls and had a nice hike and took some neat pictures. It felt good to do something as a family without feeling like we needed to rush from point A to point B. I also got some great pictures of the boys.

*One of my classes started this week, so I have to get busy with that.

*The new fall TV schedule was released last week and there are some very good looking shows on it. Monday night is going to be very busy!

*The next few weeks are going to be busy with my class and the end of the school year fast approaching. Lots to do!!

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melissa said...

Happy birthday to Max! Sounds like he had a great party. And, way to go Carter with his soccer goals!