Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Indiana Jones was GREAT!!! I am serious, I loved it. I told Carter that in a few weeks, after the rush of the end of the school year and when Scott is on his fishing trip we will go again because I liked it that much. I also LOVED Prince Caspian. Good movies, lots of fun.

Max's birthday party was fun, marshmallow shooters are a GREAT thing to make at a boy's party. But, and I am not kidding here, it started to rain THE MINUTE the first kid was dropped off and didn't stop the entire party. I sent them outside to have a marshmallow war anyway because that was the plan and I had no inside back up plan. So we had sticky marshmallow residue everywhere. But the boys had a blast.

I read a grown up book! Island of Lost Girls by Jennifer Mcmahon. She is a good writer, so smooth. This is her second book and I loved it. Then I turned around and read a young adult book called Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. It was very good and would be good for high schoolers to read.

Robyn and I have been discussing middle school--in particular middle school girls--and I told her that I felt that middle school was WAY harder for me than high school. By the time high school came along my reputation was set, but in middle school there is so much jostling to find out who you are going to be for everyone else. Does that make sense? I think that when Alex gets to high school there will be no contest, she will be totally successful, she just needs to get through middle school first.

Scott finished the trim in the basement, it looks great. He is just the little worker bee!

I bought a few movie posters for my library. I am going to feature movies that were books first. My library is going to be more of a pop culture center. It is going to be awesome!

School should really end right before the Memorial Day weekend because I really can't stand the thought of getting up and going to school tomorrow!!

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