Thursday, May 29, 2008


*8 more days of school. We get finished on June 10th. I plan to spend lots of time the 10th after school and then all day the 11th at school finishing up in my room and moving into the library. My current librarian is planning to be done and out on the 10th so I can work in there on the 11th!

*I strained my back today when I was picking up a box of books from my current room that I packed up. I am taking them home to store because I have a lot of books. Most everything else I am leaving. There are very few things I am moving into the library with me. Some personal stuff, that's it.

*I am working on my report cards. We've got soccer all day on Saturday and Sunday and then next weekend we might be going to watch my niece play so my goal is to get my report cards done and in their envelopes, my CDs burned and my dibels books filed.

*I am doing my last set of kindergarten report cards--EVER!

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