Friday, May 23, 2008

Random Thoughts Friday

*Sometimes when you are teaching kindergarten and you need to remove something from your nose with your finger, it is okay to just do it. After all, they all pick their noses, why shouldn't you be able to. At least you won't eat yours.

*Playing "We Will Rock You" by Queen in a kindergarten classroom is hysterical because they all know the words and they all sing along.

*I love to use paint chips as bookmarks. It's always fun to find really colorful ones. The best are from Pittsburgh Paints (found at Saverud's here in town) because the swatches have lots of different complimentary colors rather than just monochromatic shades of one color. They are also the perfect size for being bookmarks. But, my favorites are the Disney paint line found at Home Depot. They reason they are so awesome is their names. Today my bookmark is two shades of pink, but the names of the colors are Kissed Awake and Blushing Belle. Almost all the yellows have names to do with Winnie the Pooh, and there is a cool blue called Storytime Blue. I am just enamored of these--I have a drawerful at home.

*We are going to Indy today--I am taking Max, Carter and three of Carter's friends. I am so excited!!!

*11 more days until I am a librarian! (and I have a ton of stuff to do in those 11 days--see above).

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