Monday, May 12, 2008


We are almost into the teens for the end of school. I am only counting school days here even though my countdown there to the left counts all days. Carter, Scott and I went to Speed Racer over the weekend. I actually really liked it. If I was so inclined, it might even be better if I had some "special brownies" or something before I went. Wow, lots of colors.

Carter had such a bad headache last night that he threw up and it was lingering today so he stayed home. I came home at lunch and I also have a bad headache, but I have medicine to take mine away. A good nap should do that for him.

It's been such a long time since I have been truly excited for TV on a particular night, but I have to say, Mondays are doing it for me right now. I LOVE How I met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory on CBS and Greek on ABC Family. Unfortunately, they are over after tonight until next fall.

I think that I am going to start buying movie posters for my library. I am going to laminate the Transformer posters I bought Max and hang them up and then go from there. I might decide to just do movies that came from books, but I am not sure. My library is really going to be more of a pop culture place than just literature.

I read three book in the last three days. Two super easy ones that I am not even counting as one book for my yearly list, and one bigger one that I just loved and had to speed through until I was done. I probably won't start anything more until bed because of the aforementioned TV I have to watch tonight. Yesterday we were hanging out with a friend waiting to be seated for our Mother's Day brunch and we were discussing reading. She is one of my good reads "friends" so she gets updates whenever I update my books. She was asking Scott if he reads at all and he emphatically stated that he did not like to read, AT ALL. And she said "so between the two of you you make one normal reader." Pretty clever.

I have cooking club tomorrow night--picnic theme. I think I am on dessert duty, but am not sure. If so I am just making my rice krispy bar things that EVERYONE loves, but are nothing special. But, they would be perfect picnic food.

Max is doing well in Colorado Springs, and Carter is actually missing him!

Here's a link that might only interest a very few people, but it got me super excited!! Seriously, that little bit of theme music in the middle, goosebumps and tingles!! Also, Robyn did you see that Leoben is in the movie?


Ryler32 said...

The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother have their season finales next week, May 19, so you have this week and next week. Don't miss The Big Bang Theory season finale, there will be big things happening with Leonard/Penny.

Engellant said...

i know which rice krispy treats you're talking about (with chocolate, right?) and I'm excited already. Just assume you're dessert, okay!

Anonymous said...

Greek on abc family is not over until June 9. You still have a few good weeks left.

Anonymous said...

Greek on abc family is not over until June 9. You still have a few good weeks left.