Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday Countdowns

I LOVED Ironman. While we were getting tickets and hanging out in the lobby before the movies I spied a groupd of teacher's from my sons' school. They were going to Made of Honor. They asked me what we were seeing and I told them IronMan. One of them said "I want to know how you make yourself sit through movies that you don't want to be at." (she knows I have two boys and I am assuming she thought that they were making me take them to the movie). I said, "I WANT to see this. I LOVE big summer blockbusters." I think she thought I was a little crazy.

*1 day until the new Percy Jackson book.
*26 schooldays until the last day.
*4 days until I am one year older.
*3 days until Max goes to Colorado Springs.
*11 days until Prince Caspian.
*18 days until Indiana Jones (I changed all my ringtones to the theme music).

Wow, that seems small. Not a lot of countdowns.
Carter's team played two games this weekend. He did well, but we all kind of decided that Scott will not be coaching the team next year. It makes Scott crazy that they won't listen and Carter feels a bit too much pressure. he is really good about listening to his coaches, not so good when it's his dad. We need to find someone who would be a good replacement and that the boys would love.
Max LOVES the month of May because of his birthday. They came out with new Indiana Jones lego sets that he desperately wants. We'll see!

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