Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Robyn!!

Today is my wonderful sister Robyn's birthday. Go to her blog and wish her well. Granted, she will HATE this picture, but in the past few years there has been less and less pictures of me or her in the pictures I have taken and more and more of the kids. This is about five year old (wow), but it was all I had! You can refer to this post to hear the story of how I came to be born the day after her birthday.

I got new glasses yesterday. They are, in a word, AWESOME. They look all serious and black from the front, but on the top of the frames are little gems (business from the front, party on the top). You can't really see it in this picture, but here they are.
I also got new sunglasses. I have A LOT of money left in my flex account and the glasses I previously had were all scratched up due to a coating that I got talked into that makes them easier to scratch up. Oh well, these are way cooler.

I went to the library yesterday and got a book that I had put on hold awhile ago and wasn't expecting to get for sometime yet (it came out on Tuesday). I must have been the first one on the list because I got it and of course it is a ten day book so I have to bump it to the top of my reading list and get it done. The author is not the most deep writer, though, just good, fun adventure so I am expecting it to go fast.

I am having Scott take Carter to Speed Racer on Sunday for Mother's Day. Writing that makes me realize that I haven't gotten Mother's Day cards for anyone. We shall celebrate at the Hot Shot tournament next week Jo!! It's hard to remember Mother's Day when your birthday is so close to it--I tend to be a bit selfish this time of year (or maybe at other times as well, I don't know).
Max left for Colorado Springs this morning with my mom--pray for a safe trip for them. I am glad she took him with her because I don't love the idea of her driving all that way alone and Max can talk a fair bit when he needs to so he should keep her alert and awake.

Have a great Thursday and enjoy the spring weather!!

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