Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Future Librarian

I spent yesterday in the library. It was great. I am going to be so awesome. I am at the stage where although I am learning a lot from Kathy (the retiring librarian) I am also ready to get to work in there on my own. There is SO much stuff to clean out!! I am going to find out what I can take to recycling because I will feel guilty just trashing a lot of the stuff. She is still working on stuff and will be trashing a bunch before I get in there, but then I get to make it my own. Kathy is so NOT territorial and is open about telling me that if I don't want something she leaves me "just pitch it." Also, all these hours I am spending in the library can count towards my internship!! Wahoo.

Max called me yesterday, not to say hi or to tell me he missed me, but to let me know that I need to start checking ebay for the Hoth battle Lego set. That's not going to happen my little man, those are special editions going for over $100. Sorry! He will have plenty of other lego sets once his birthday happens so I think he can overlook that one. Maybe he can save up all the money he will earn from me in my library and buy it at the end of the summer. Although, by then there will be something else to capture his interest.

I think the thing that is going to be most exciting for me will be when I get that first shipment of books for my library. They come from the company all shiny and new and ready for the shelf. That will be a great day.

One of my library classes started today--the cataloging one. Should be pretty easy.

One of my kindergarteners just brought his journal page up to me and he wrote:
"I am dreaming of Indiana Jones." (Only his writing was not as precise as mine). I guess that everyone is excited for this movie!

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