Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Round Up

The soccer games in Great Falls were canceled again due to weather. This just ticks me off because it is the second weekend in a row that has been canceled. Scott has been involved with select soccer for probably 12 yeas and he doesn't remember there being a spring like this in his whole time. By brother-in-law coaches baseball in Washington and he too has had tons of rain outs and will have a hard time making up all the games they've missed. We don't get to make up our games and because our team is so young and we will not be going to state so it is not a huge deal. If we were planning to go to state this would be a problem. Next weekend our games are here in town so we will be able to play them and we are having a scrimmage/game on Monday with the other U-11 team. That will get us some good playing time anyway.

But, since I didn't really want to go to Great Falls this turned out okay for me. First of all, our outside cat Skimbleshanks had kittens. I was planning on getting her spayed this week, but when I picked her up the other day I realized that she was too pregnant to take her in. Sure enough, she had the kitties on Saturday. Thankfully she only had three this time and we will be much more aggressive at getting rid of them than we were last time. Here is Max holding the kitties which I have currently names after characters from Battlestar Galactica. By the way, the software I used to add the text to these pictures is Picnik. It is all online and so easy and cool to use, then you save it to your computer and then you can print or upload to a service to have processed. Totally awesome. I used Picasa to create the collage.

We went to a fun party on Saturday night that we wouldn't have been able to go to had the games not been canceled. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have gone anyway, parties not really being in my comfort zone, but I did have fun. Whenever I tell people that I am not a social person they cannot believe it because to the untrained eye I appear very social. But in a big party situation I am not good because I don't drink and I suck at small talk. I did have fun last night though and I adore the girl whose party it was--she was turning 40.

We cleaned a lot today. It was very productive. I bought the dog a new bad for the garage since Skimbleshanks had her babies all over Charlie's old bed. When something new and clean comes into a place it makes you want to clean the rest of the place so it fits more. I also went and worked in my classroom for about an hour. I have to get a bunch of stuff ready to move over to a new school for a new kindergarten teacher. I plan to spend about an hour a weekend all through May getting my stuff packed up and the other stuff sent to the new teacher. I also have started adding to my first order as a librarian. So cool.

We got a new trampoline today. Not new, but a new used tramp. The previous one had gotten a lot of use, but the springs kept breaking off. It was lovingly referred to as the DeathTramp. So now we've got a new one and the boys are loving it.I tried Robyn's new flank steak recipe. AWESOME! And am now going to take a bath. I love that we had such a productive weekend!

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