Tuesday, April 01, 2008


The last two classes I need for my library degree are open for registration. I was really panicked I could miss it and then not be a librarian so I am very glad that I get to get the registration out of the way.

I cleaned/organized my craft room last night. It feels so good to walk into the room and not have to step over piles of crap. I hadn't really done anything productive with it since I was cleaning up the rest of the basement last summer after we finished it (it's still not totally done--the bathroom and the trim are not done, but I do have the tile for the bathroom).

I am reading The Manny Files. I love it. It is one of those books I am going to buy for my library because it is so much fun to read. It just reminds you not to take yourself too seriously. I wish I was the kind of teacher the manny in the book is to the kids he "mannies" (I know that is not a word).

Have a good day!

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