Tuesday, April 08, 2008

To Do

1. call about check engine light being on in newly repaired car...again.
2. pick up player cards.
3. take pictures of soccer team for cards.
4. have boys on soccer team sign cards.
5. upload pictures to costco and have them printed, pick them up and put them on player cards. (printed contact sheet from home and worked great!)
6. get player cards laminated BEFORE SATURDAY!!!
7. pick up Wyatt's white uniform shirt for soccer.
8. drop off green uniform top to get number changed to 12.
9. plan student led conferences and prep room.
10. take package to post office and mail back to drugstore.com.
11. get someone to sub for me at youth group on Wednesday.
12. turn in request for leave form so that I can spend two days in May in the library.
13. (on a frivolous note) pick up the new Penderwicks book, take a bubble bath and read! It is not available at my Borders yet--what?! but I did take a bubble bath last night.
14. pick up green jersey with new #12.
15. drop off car after school.
16. plan youth group lesson for sub to do and run it up to her house.

*that's it for 8:05 am. I am sure there is more so I might be adding to this list. crazy week!*


Niki said...

FedEx Kinkos has a laminating machine that makes player card laminating very easy to do. To do 15-18 cards will take you about 5-6 minutes total, especially if you use one of the large sheets with multiple cards in it. Then you can just cut out the individual cards. Works like a charm!

Robyn said...

How do you cross through words?

Eric bought spy doctor, which was $30, but it took care of everything. He is wondering why we have MacAfee now. His second game also rained out.

Engellant said...

You forgot to add cooking club to your list....just kidding, you seem PLENTY busy. Just want you to know you were missed (and your sister could have joined as well) Anyhow, keep making progress and scratching items off the list!