Monday, April 14, 2008


I hate how nice the weekend was because it makes me really want summer and there is too much time between now and summer. I am glad it was nice on Sunday and not today though. It would have been hard to have a sunny nice day on a Monday.

I am still looking for a good title for my library blog. I like How to Eat Fried Worms, but since that is actually the title of a book I feel I should have a different one. So, ideas please. Maybe "Just One More Page..."

Our summer is shaping up to be pretty busy and I am signing Max up for two theater camps. He should like that. Carter will be doing church camp, and at least one basketball camp and two soccer camps. Busy! But, I will be most busy because I have to clean out my classroom and clean out/organize my new library and take two classes, not to mention guests to visit, rivers to raft, books to read and movies to see!

Happy Monday all!


Renn said...

I want to hear more about "driving back and forth to Butte..." for soccer. Does Carter want to do the University soccer camp here?

jana said...

No, we have basketball camp and VBS here that week!

Engellant said...

Does Scott or the boy's soccer coach put on a camp for 7 year old 1st graders????? And if he doesn't then can he? I'm already starting to panic about Summer break!!