Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Countdowns

*One day until it is supposed to warm back up (30's today; 50's tomorrow)
*36 school days until I am done with kindergarten and get to start calling myself a librarian.
*24 days until the first of my last library classes starts.
*101 days until the end of my last library class and I am a fully certified librarian. (by the way, this number puts us very close to the start of the next school year, which I am not fully prepared to think about yet.
*19 days until Speed Racer (the boys are very excited about this) which opens on my birthday.
*26 days until Prince Caspain.
*32 days until Indiana Jones 4.
*16 days until the fourth Percy Jackson comes out.
*0 days (hopefully) until my Amazon order comes with the second Penderwicks book.

Have a good Monday!

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