Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It's spring and since I LOVE spring and have been adding to my "Things I Love" list, I decided to add another post from that list today. It has been awhile since I shared more of that list, so enjoy. These are some of things I love.

71. pentel RSVP pens
72. Max's hugs
73. Max's smile
74. the way Max grabs my face when he kisses me.
(I wrote this stuff when Max was two and though I still love them now, he doesn't grab my face like he used to but his smile and hugs are still awesome).
75. American Greeting Crafts 1997 edition (I bought this program with my first computer in 1997 and still use it exclusively for my publishing stuff. I bought updated versions and never liked them as well as the first one so I just use that).
76. Real Simple magazine
77. Harry Potter (this was in 2002 so it must have been after the fourth book-maybe the fifth one).
78. scrapbooking
79. my prayer group
80. Keanu Reeves
81. Paul Walker
82. downloading songs (you can add tv to this also--but back then I didn't do that).
83. mix CDs
84. movies (especially blockbusters)
85. blustery days (best in the fall when leaves are whipping around with the wind).
86. Angel
87. Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas music
88. baking
89. giving away my baked goods (really, I like the compliments, I have to be honest).
90. Carter still wanting to sit on my lap (at age 6).
91. Carter's freckles (still so adorable at 10).
92. Scott's laugh (when he really laughs).
93. wearing Scott's shirts after he does.
94. Law and Order SVU
95. Cheers reruns

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