Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Family Notes

Nothing like watching Supernanny to make me feel like a great mom and a great wife. That sounds sarcastic, but I am so serious. It really makes me want to go kiss and hug my amazing little boys. I recognize that I am in no way a perfect parent, but I certainly don't have to climb out of the holes that some of the parents on that show have to!

I finished the second book in the Fablehaven series. Good stuff. I know a certain 9 year old in Missoula who would like them. Carter has been reading books about a pair of boys named Fred and Anthony. I am not sure about them because I haven't read them yet, but I like the author and he seems to like them. I will be reading the first one soon so that I can see what they are like. He is getting his reading done, though.

Not like Max though. He read the first Magic Treehouse book in one day. WOW! I am so excited about that. He is really into reading and I think he feels that if he LOVES reading then he has a special connection with me. I have always thought he might be more into reading than Carter anyway because he has always had more imagination. This is the drawing he made of the Magic Treehouse and Annie and Jack climbing the ladder. He's so sweet!!

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Renn said...

I just wrote the names of those books down this morning to get for Ez, thanks!! I started the first Penderwick, love it!!!!