Saturday, April 12, 2008

Counting Down

When I was driving back and forth to Butte today for soccer (more on that tomorrow) I finished two books and started a third. One of the books I finished was Prince Caspian, so excited for that movie! I am onto a third, The Palace of Laughter, which got great reviews at Amazon so I am excited to get going on it! The weather was good today so both Carter and I burned our faces!

I have read 54 books so far during my reading year (july 1 to june 30). Some people would say it doesn't count because so many of them are young adult, but if you look at my list closely, not all of them are. In fact until January, most of them weren't. I have two months to go! I am watching the movies Stardust, which I LOVE. One of my favorites.

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