Tuesday, April 15, 2008


If Starbuck and Apollo do not end up together I will be really pissed. Or at least have more closure than they had in last week's episode.

Now, you all know I love TV but I am not a big reality TV person. I prefer escapism. But, there is a new show on MTV called Rock the Cradle. I love it and have no idea why. It is a show that has the offspring of famous musicians competing for a record contract. I LOVE Crosby Loggins. He looks so much like his dad. But I also liked Jesse Snider because he did Rebel Yell last year and I adore Billy Idol. Hey, Robyn, Billy Idol ringtones!!

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Robyn said...

I remember going to the Billy Idol concert in Canada with Eric and Mark Ryan maybe? Beth and I missed Dancing with Myself because we were Drinking with Others at the handy-dandy BAR right near our seats. Anything but Mony Mony (is that how you spell it?)