Monday, April 07, 2008

After the Weekend

We had a great weekend at my house (except one hiccup). We cleaned and that felt really good; Robyn, Alex and Sam came and it is always fun to have them around (Samantha, 6 years old, wants to start her own blog; she'd actually do a good job, it would be fun). Lots of basketball--neither of my boy's teams won but both of my girl's teams won--and more basketball tonight and tomorrow night--I am cheering for Kansas tonight and Tennessee tomorrow night (because of Angie) but I kind of want Stanford to win also. Last night's game Tennessee v. LSU was so exciting. It was super fun to watch! I downloaded some cool accessories for my phone (Robyn and Alex have the same phones so we all played around with the programs and made new ringtones and color schemes for our screens). I took the boy's to Nim's Island, which was very cute. It was just a fun weekend.

Then came Monday. I already feel four steps behind. I really wish I still had a personal day so that I could take a day and get errands run. The big thing looming is that Carter starts soccer this weekend and I am team administrator and our league has so many rules. I do not even have their player cards ready and they cannot play without those. I have a lot of crap to do!!

On a sad note...Our cat Lucy passed away on Saturday. She was old, but I wouldn't have expected this, it's just one of those things. Scott got her for me when I was pregnant with Carter. She had been abandoned by her mom and was super tiny when we got her. She used to curl up on my pregnant belly. I loved having her around because she would sit on my lap and purr. I will miss her! When I find a picture I will post one. We still have four outside cats and Charlie our dog, so we are good for animals for awhile, but no more inside pets for now.


Jo said...

Sorry to hear about Lucy, what happened?

melissa said...

So sorry to hear of Lucy's passing.


Niki said...

Losing a long-time pet is difficult. Sorry to hear about Lucy. I hope that everyone is doing well and is thinking of all the happy times you shared with her. Take care!