Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend Round Up

First of all...

I got the job! I will be the new librarian at my school next year. This is the most thrilling thing and it's so exciting when something you have worked towards and wanted so bad actually happens.

Onto the rest of my weekend...

When you tell your husband to lock the doors--be specific. If he locks ALL the doors, then your parents can't get in to get the food to feed your animals, especially if they do not have spare keys to your house. So remind him to not lock the one from the garage into the house.

When you are leaving Spokane, make sure you grab your bag. It's not that big of a deal because there is nothing you really need, except your cell phone charger. No worries, you have one in your car, even if it works only part of the time.

When your car breaks down in front of the 10,000 Silver Dollar Bar, it's okay because your phone is working and you have AAA.

Make sure that you upgrade to AAA Plus, because then they will tow you more than seven miles (but I am so grateful that my mother-in-law had the foresight to even get me AAA or I would really be screwed). Or, check with your insurance company because you might actually have roadside on your policy (that didn't even occur to me until today when Nicole told me they have that on their insurance).

When you leave your car in St. Regis, make sure you grab your cell phone charger. (oh well, I can buy a new one of those that probably will work better anyway).

Be very grateful that your best friend in Missoula will drop EVERYTHING and come and get you and take you to her house. Also, be super grateful that the towing company in St. Regis is also the repair shop so they can fix your car on Monday when they open (if it's something simple). But remember that you need to check your insurance because if it's not something simple, they might be able to get it towed back to town for you.

Be very grateful again that you have other very good friends who will drive to Ronan and get you and then tell you all kinds of funny stories about growing up in Polson.

Hope when you get home that the cat that was locked inside the house with no food all weekend has not turned feral.

Be so happy that you are home and that everyone you love is safe where they are supposed to be...and take a long hot bubble bath.

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Renn said...

So did Lucy survive the weekend (my mom is wondering)? Thanks for the list of books for Izzy, we're going to the library tomorrow! Have a great, quiet, productive week!!