Sunday, March 09, 2008

Weekend Round Up

We had a great time in Missoula.

The soccer tournament was fun, but we didn't perform as well as we'd hoped. That's okay. We more than made up for it by performing well at the motel that night. That was a blast. We had pizza and cake and beverages and the kids ran around (until they were told to stop running or we'd be kicked out) and swam and played ping pong.

Then we spent an hour outside because the fire alarm went off and we had to be evacuated. Then we spent a half hour waiting in the lobby while they tried to get the alarm turned off.

Now we are recovering and I am counting the hours until Friday when Scott and the boys take off for Portland.

Also, I am applying for the library job tomorrow!!! Fingers crossed, and any prayers you feel like saying on my behalf would be helpful!


Renn said...

Well, at least I know none of MY kids set off the fire alarm. That must of happened right after we left. Thanks, again, Jana, we all had a blast!!

Engellant said...

Best of luck regarding the library job - I'm rooting for you.