Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Today I am going to:

*finish painting.
*maybe vacuum.
*go for a walk with Nicole.
*take a bath.
*if the sun comes out...sweep the garage.

Yesterday I was telling my friend a story about my brother and how very weird he was when he decided to sleep in a dark room under the stairs in the basement because it helped him write spookier things. Then she asked me what my parents did to have us turn out the way we did (I can only assume she meant so very cool). And I gave her the standard answer, "they took away our TV."

When I was five we moved to a cool house with a great view (which I certainly did not appreciate when I was five) on 21 acres. They decided we could do without TV. Now, I am not judging my parents, I know that this move is why we are all such good readers. But, because there was no moral basis for the move (ie: TV is bad, no movies either), we became huge movie buffs. We had one of the first VCRs of anyone I knew. Man, that was a dinosaur. We had to put stacks of pennies on the top to keep it weighted down enough so the movie would play and if you forgot to remove the pennies before opening the top the pennies would fall into the machine. (on a side note, it was actually the VCR of one of my dad's clients who couldn't pay my dad and went to jail anyway, so he gave us his VCR--not all lawyers make a lot of money; it also came with one movie--Any Which Way But Loose--I still have that sucker memorized).

We also were allowed to go to the movies a lot. So we (my siblings and me) are huge pop culture type people--movies, TV, books, music. Maybe this is what my friend meant by how we turned out. I am still trying to decide whether or not that was an insulting question. Since I adore my friend so very much I am going to assume it was not an insult.

**be sure to read Robyn's comment--she clarifies a few things about our story**

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Robyn said...

They didn't just decide not to get T.V. We couldn't get any. Our house was built in a blind spot on that hill where we couldn't even get T.V. with an antenna. The antenna guy could walk 15 yards away and get a signal, but none right around our house. Cable was going to cost a couple of thousand dollars because they would have had to dig a trench all the way up the road, which they eventually did after I left for college.

It is amazing we grew up without T.V., but I actually already had T.V. viewing habits firmly in place when we moved. I was in seventh grade and had watched PLENTY of T.V. I think the move was hardest on me... I even had a Charlie's Angels scrapbook. I watched a lot of T.V. in our old house.

I think people who choose not to let their kids watch T.V. are kidding themselves. Chances are, it will totally backfire someday, and not just that they might one day develop some extraordinary T.V. habits.