Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday Musings

*I am tired of all my clothes. Specifically my pants. But I am not going to buy any new ones until next fall.

*I got these new shoes which I really love.

*I got these for the boys for Easter and they LOVE them. In fact, I am going to get Carter another one in a different color because he loves wearing it and it is great for soccer because it is warm, but not too thick so he can wear it until he needs to take it off. I got Max orange and Carter blue.

*I found this site last night. Great, just what I need, more TV. And on the computer no less. But I found they have the whole season of American Gothic, which is a weird little series that came out the second year Scott and I were married when he still was on patrol and doing rotating shifts and gone at night a lot. I loved this show. If I wasn't afraid of getting in trouble at school (they frown upon streaming video) I would watch it here during my breaks. Oh well.

*I watch the news in the morning. How grown up is that? Plus I am awake for about forty minutes or so before the boys get up so I get caught up on the world. Maybe soon I will start reading the paper.

There are 10 more days until the fourth season premiere of Battlestar Galactica
There are 54 more school days until I am no longer a kindergarten teacher.
There are 18 more days until Carter's first soccer game of the spring.
There are 14 more days until the release of the second Penderwick book.
There are 44 more days until the release of the fourth Percy Jackson book.

Have a great Wednesday!!

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