Sunday, March 23, 2008

Max's Sunday

Next weekend Max and I are going to see the tour of Mamma Mia. He is pretty excited and I got the CD so we've been listening to the music. I went to it a few years ago and LOVED it, so much fun, so much energy. I told him when it came back to Spokane I'd take him (thinking it would be quite a few years, but it's there already). Anyway, I found a clip on You Tube of the performance at the Tonys and he spent quite a few minutes watching that. Then he discovered clips of Les Miserables. So, I found the whole 10th Anniversary Dream Cast performance. I have told him that I like Les Miz more than Phantom so he was quite curious to watch it. Once I got it started for him he asked if I was going to watch it with him and I said no because basketball was on and he said, "I am sure that Les Miz is better than basketball." What a kid. So, here's the Mamma Mia clip and one of the best songs from Les Miz.

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