Saturday, March 01, 2008

Lazy Weekend

Today was the first Saturday in two months where we did not have basketball. It was wonderful to not have to get up and run anywhere. It lasts for one weekend because next week we go to Missoula for a soccer tournament. I have been catching up on a lot of things and it has been relaxing. We got a new computer so I have been busy updating that and moving the old one into my craft room. I love my craft room and it looks like a disaster area, but I still love it. When Scott and the boys are gone for spring break I shall be spending lot of time in there organizing and cleaning up.

I am reading a new book that is very interesting, From Binge to Blackout. It is a story written by a mother and her son who admits he is an alcoholic when he is 24. It is such an interesting story because it not only talks about what it did to the family and how it started for her son, but how in today's culture teenage drinking is almost considered a rite of passage. In fact, I was guilty of thinking this way a few years ago, until I started meeting some amazing teenagers who had made it through high school without drinking. In fact, I made it through high school without drinking. I attribute this to several factors: being an athlete, being a Christian, family support, like minded friends (this was probably the biggest help) and just making the decision and sticking to it. So I am taking steps each day to help guide my sons to make good and healthy decisions. And prayer, lots of prayer. Anyway, so far it is a very good book. I think a child making it through their teenage years without drinking is still possible!


renn said...

Amen, sister!! Hey, let me know what your schedule is next weekend, it'd be great to see you! OX

melissa said...

I read this book also, and thought it was such an enlightening, educating book. I want both my college boys to read it (my oldest has it now). Constant prayers are the key!!