Saturday, March 22, 2008

Last Day

The family is coming home today--and I finally vacuumed and swept out the garage. I still have time for one last nap. Also, when I was driving home from running errands Duke was winning, as soon as I got home to sit and watch the game they started losing. I should turn it off but I can't. I wasn't feeling well on Thursday or Friday so I have been having a Battlestar Galactica marathon because the fourth (and final) season starts in April. Some of you know my love for this show, in particular for Apollo. If you'd like to understand my interest, watch this video. It's long, eight minutes, but it's worth it. Some of you have actually listened to my recommendations and found they actually enjoy the shows I talk about, this will be no exception. Don't think of it as scifi, just enjoy the ride.

Scott has decided that he will never again leave the house for any length of time during the NCAA tournament. He will be planting himself on the couch tomorrow. I guess that's okay, he has been with the kids all week!

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