Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Max really wants to try a theater camp. I think he should try a theater camp because he is definitely more of an artsy kid than a sporty kid. Truly. Whitefish Theater Company is doing a camp based on the poems of Shel Silverstein that looks like so much fun and it is for first and second graders. The catch. It start two days before he is even out of school. I cannot believe this! Whitefish must get out on the 6th, but we go until the 10th. Maybe I should still register him and see if my mom can take him for the first two days. He wouldn't miss much school and it wouldn't be too important, what he would miss. I will talk to him. If he is totally gung ho and my mom is willing I just might do this.


Renn said...

MCT puts on different camps throughout the summer as well if this one doesn't work out. Izzy did one a few summers ago and loved it!

melissa said...

I would LOVE for one of my boys to have an interest in theater! My oldest actually was in a few school plays in middle school - so fun.
Congratulations on your librarian job!!