Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring

Today I think my list will be much more simple:

*work in my classroom for a little bit
*vacuum (I did do our bedroom while I was painting, but I have to do the rest of the main floor)
*watch basketball

I am not going to even bother sweeping the garage because it is cold here on the first day of spring. In fact, so far for spring break there has been snow every morning. It melts off very quickly, but it is so depressing to wake up to snow on the ground!!

My room looks great and it is mostly all put back together. Maybe I will tile the basement bathroom, but maybe not.

Alos, I finished another book, but I HAVE to read The Nixie's Song because that is the current Warnell book club book and Carter finished it awhile ago so I need to get it done before school starts again!!!

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