Monday, March 24, 2008

The Great Debate

Long or short. I really like Max's hair when it is longer because it's got a lot of texture and wave to it. It looks darling. Most people around me think it looks better short (but then Scott shaves his head so he doesn't really count and when we started dating his hair was longish). Right now he has got it short and it looks adorable, it's a great cut. My dad (who is not to be counted on to even be aware of these things) weighed in last night that he thinks Max's hair looks better longer. I acknowledge that it can get too long (case in point--this year's school pictures which is horrifying but I had to get them taken on retakes day so we didn't get to fix that). It's actually just fun that his hair can have different looks. Carter's grows so funky that he can only have one style, short. Although he is going to be in a wedding this summer so we are going to work on him wearing it kind of spiky. I also have been trying to get Max to let me koolaid dye his hair orange in the summer, but he refuses. Anyway, what do you think--long or short.

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Jo said...

I like Max's hair a little shorter. It looked good when he was here. Carter does look good with shorter hair. Who's wedding is he going to be in? Why spikes?