Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Due to the man currently running around town exposing himself I was alone on Valentine's Day (I just reread that and let me explain, Scott is not out exposing himself, he is in the process of gathering enough evidence to nail the guy who is doing it--Go Scott). Except for cuddling with Max while I read to him before bed. That's okay, it's not really our holiday. It's nice that February has a holiday because it is such a drab month here in Montana. Although the last two days have felt downright spring-like.

Carter gave his special valentine to his friend today, but it was at the end of the school day and her grandma was waiting to pick her up. Who knows if this will end up as anything (I hope not) but that she doesn't shut him down. Or maybe she should then he might get turned off of girls for another year or so, although he did tell me he had a backup girl in mind.

Seriously, we are so excited for Indiana Jones and as we were watching the preview Max pointed out that there were a lot of good movies coming out around his and my birthdays (May). This is true I told him because it starts the summer movie season. The bummer is that Prince Caspian comes out on Max's birthday, which would be great for a birthday night, but we will be heading to Spokane. We will be at soccer tournaments for both of my boy's birthdays. It rules our world.

I am going scrapping all weekend--in Bigfork this year. With the same wonderful women from my prayer group. I have to run to Costco to pick up all the pictures I got printed. It will be so much fun! A nice break between now and spring break. It's a long haul for us teachers between Christmas break and spring break.

By the way, I will admit I did go through a bit of a klepto phase (as Robyn edited my blog to inform you of), but I was the third child and I was just crying out for attention. And Robyn, I changed my log in info!!!

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Renn said...

Hope you're having fun! Wish I was there.