Monday, February 04, 2008

I'm Telling Ya...

I checked this book out for Carter about a week ago and he picked it up the other day and has basically read it non-stop. I started reading it and did read it non-stop. It is hysterical. The sequel just came out so I went and bought it today. When Carter saw that I had bought it he rad the first one for forty minutes so he could finish it and start the new one tonight. That has never happened. Wow. I am so excited!

We had a Super Bowl gathering last night that turned out to be a lot of fun. There were like 16 kids here but with the sledding and the Wii and the football game (which some of them would actually watch for periods of time) and all the food we hardly saw most of them. The men mostly stayed downstairs and a group of us women sat upstairs and chatted and watched the game. I hardly paid any attention to the ads, though, so I am going to go here to catch up on them. Scott won big in the pool because the score stayed the same at the end of two quarters and he had the numbers for the last quarter as well. I did mooch some money off of him today for lunch. What a guy.

My friend Nicole who basically had to be drug here (seriously, she told me her husband wanted to come and she couldn't talk him out of it) and then I had to lie to her and tell her there wouldn't be that many people had a great time. That was the best endorsement! It was hectic and crowded, but when the game was that good nobody minded so much!

Have a good one.

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