Friday, February 01, 2008


I finally have come up with a good analogy for how I feel about Glacier High School being open here in Kalispell. It's like I went through a divorce, but my husband came out of it more popular than me. Everywhere I go, I have to see him or people who talk about him and I can't escape it. It's something you have to learn to live with, but not like.

Tonight the Braves played the Wolfpack in basketball for the first time. The Braves won (killed them, actually) and my friend, Nicole, asked me if I felt bad at all for Glacier. I said no, because next year or the next when they are killing us, they will be all too willing to gloat about it and rub it in our faces. It's already starting. They already say, well, next year we will beat you so bad. And they probably will. And that's why I relish winning now. Another thing I am concerned about is that the level of support from the student body will drop because our teams will go through a big adjustment (losing) period. The new school might have opened, but there still is a lot of changing that has to happen.

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