Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Entertainment Round Up

I know most of you are wondering: What is Jana reading? What is she watching? Has she gone to any good movies? What is she listening to? Well, wonder no more, here's the scoop.

I read this book on Monday. It was so good. It's rare to find a good book from a teenage boy's point of view (especially written by a woman). Now I am reading this one, but I just started it last night seconds before my eyes slammed shut, so I cannot say whether it is good or not.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is my new favorite show. It was a good show until last week (when it became a great show) when they introduced a new character, Derek Reese (brother of Kyle, John's father)(played by Brian Austin Green, nicely done). It really totally kicked it up this week when they showed us flashforwards to the time after the war. They cast someone new in the role of Kyle Reese (so wonderfully played in the first movie in 1984 by Michael Biehn, yum) and it is making a lot of people on the boards whine (which kills me because they seem to have accepted the recasting of Sara with someone who doesn't even resemble Linda Hamilton), but I found the new casting wonderful!! They cast Jonathan Jackson, who was the original Lucky Spencer on General Hospital back when I used to watch it. He is perfect for this role, which is destined to be small because the show doesn't focus on the future. For those of you that actually watch TV, give this one a try. It's on Fox on Mondays.

I am listening to him. HYSTERICAL. I bought the Beyond the Pale CD and listened to it every time I was in the car yesterday. It's also pretty clean, so the boys have been listening to it. He's the one in the bacon clip down the ways a bit.

We went to The Spiderwick Chronicles. A pretty good adaptation of five books into one movie. We were really excited about the previews we saw. KungFu Panda looks funny, The Forbidden Kingdom got Max and I kind of excited, but we were all squirmy for Indiana Jones when that preview showed! It's going to be a busy summer (or May at least since most of the ones we are most excited for are coming out in May).

Our volleyball team had their first loss last night. We played good but the other team had our number and kept doing trashy things that caught us off guard. Oh well. We'll see them in the championship and get them back.

Also, spring may be coming after all. Forty degree weather this week, awesome.

So there you have it! I have been busy.

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