Monday, February 11, 2008

Cool--I Love to Read

Since I have been gushing about this book (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) for a few weeks now, I was SUPER excited to find this excerpt online. Go read it...NOW! Then go buy the book for yourself and any kids you might have.

If you read far enough to get to Day 2, you'll see the trick Rodrick plays on Greg. Just imagine almost that same exact trick being played on a young and innocent (except for the kleptomania) Jana when her sister did that to her, several times, only it was "get up, you are late for school." I wonder what an older sibling does after they play such a trick. Go to bed giggling? Do they feel any remorse? They can be so mean, those older siblings.

Also, if you read both, you'll discover that some pages that were online are in the first book and some are in the second. From what I understand, the books were first published online at (Max loves this site by the way, a lot of good, educational games) much like a blog. They became books from there, and the first three books will be based on what was published online. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I can tell you what the older sibling does. First, they hide all their money and treasures so the younger sibling doesn't steal them. Then, years later, they log onto said sibling's blog, correct all the grammar, and add their own take to the story...