Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Adventures in Cleaning

A friend of mine once told me that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers will take sharpie out of anything. I believed her because in my experience those erasers get a lot of stuff out of a lot of places. I love them. So shortly after this conversation I gave Max a set of sharpies. True to her word I was able to get sharpie off of my kitchen counter and my wood coffee table using a magic eraser. So, when I went upstairs to my boy's bathroom and saw this I was not concerned. And for those of you shaking their heads that Max would write on the bathroom counter, check out the next picture.
That's right, CARTER wrote on the counter in sharpie also. When I asked them why they they just had no answer for me. It was like that Calvin and Hobbes cartoon where Calvin is pounding nails into the coffee table and his mom runs in and screams what are you doing, and Calvin looks down and then asks, isn't it obvious? Carter and Max were like, writing with sharpie, mom. I just shook my head and ran down to get the magic eraser.
Alas, the first go around did not get all the sharpie out. I think it is because the times before when it had worked I had found the sharpie pretty quickly and this had been sitting awhile. But, no fear:
A good dose of fingernail polish remover got everything out and the counters look good as new. From now on sharpies are allowed only where I can see him using them. I think they were playing school or something, but it kills me that they were playing in their bathroom, probably the least clean place in the house. Gross.


Renn said...

Hairspray works on sharpies as well.

jana said...

Good to know!