Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Round Up

Who answered in the poll but did not put their reasonings in the comments under the coffee talk post?

I am going to spend the whole month (well Jan. 20 to Feb. 20) reading upper/middle elementary books and young adult books. I have checked out some great ones and need to get reading. My goal--finish 10 in 30 days.

Scott and I made a deal and I am half way there to winning!! If so, he is going to work a bunch of overtime and give me the money to buy some clothes.

I LOVED Persuasion, from Masterpiece Theater. It was fantastic. Next week is Northanger Abbey. I have never seen this one and am anxious to find out what it's like.

I got another Tommy Bahama Aruba shirt (a hand-me down, but I don't care. It's in great shape and it's yellow). I LOVE these. My mom has also ordered me another new one so that will make four. My goal would be to have one for everyday of the week. I could have a Monday one, a Tuesday one, etc... It would sure take the thought out of what I am going to wear each day.

I have started my booklist on Good Reads. Cool site.

I LOVE this blog and have spent too much time the last few days reading it. She is really funny and her cooking blog is great as well. I made the cookies she talks about last night with chocolate chip cookie dough and hershey kisses. Yum!

I want this CD. It looks really good (and I know I am not that old, but I like ole Anne and I LOVE Roger Whittaker, so there).

Carter and I are starting a book club (very exclusive, two members). We are going to read a book--he'll read his time each night and I will read before bed so that I am not much ahead of him. Then when we are done we will go to dinner or to ice cream, just the two of us and discuss the story! I think it sounds like a lot of fun and opportunity for special time for us.

Have a great Tuesday!


Engellant said...

I have three of the Tommy Bahama sweatshirts (got the first as a gift and have bought the others at a clearance center in Phoenix) and I agree that I would wear them every day if I could. It is my sweatshirt of choice. Turquoise, pink and yellow so far....

Anonymous said...

What kind of deal do you and Scott have? Can you share?