Wednesday, January 02, 2008

January Brrrr

I always love January. It is so much calmer than December and because the only warm spot is your house you tend to hang out more at home. There can be sunny gorgeous days or cloudy blah days---but, I hate the cold. Ugh. I just hate when it gets this cold. (Of course I wrote this yesterday when it was pretty cold, today it wasn't bad almost up to 40, but there sure is a lot of snow!)

Carter was sick yesterday and I let him stay home in the morning by himself. He slept pretty much the whole time and I was home by 11:15. It was weird to do that, but he was fine. I wouldn't have wanted to leave him alone the whole day but there was no way I could take the morning off because I would never have been ready for a sub. It's a pain to prep for a sub. He's better today, but pretty wiped out so it will be early to bed!

I read a book yesterday (the whole thing, one day, couldn't put it down) and enjoyed the return of Law and Order. I also discovered podcasts. I downloaded several (Manic Mommies and What Really Matters--both in the kids & families section on itunes) that I am enjoying. There are also video podcasts for kids that you can play on your computer, you do not need a video ipod. Ditto for the podcasts, you can play them or burn them to cd, you don't need an ipod to play them. I also started practice with Carter's basketball team (without him there, he was sick all day). I am coaching them again this year. The will be the "Future Braves" team on Friday and get to be introduced with the varsity team and sit behind the bench. This is very exciting right now because A) with there being two high schools, odds are the a few of these kids will actually be Braves one day, and B) we have quite a draw at Flathead with a very good athlete (who verbally committed to Gonzaga after his freshman year in high school--but now is being courted by Division I schools to play football (quarterback) who is very kind to these little boys which makes it more meaningful for them. We have our first game on Saturday--wahooo. I love the games but not the practices when it comes to coaching these little guys!

Have a great Friday!

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