Friday, January 18, 2008

Finally Friday and Weekly Roundup

Fridays rock.

Carter is cruising on our book for our book club. He reads at school and then for the half hour he is supposed to read each night. At this rate he could be done by this weekend and we will be going to dinner together on Monday. (Also I told him if he didn't have his 150 minutes by his basketball game on Friday he wouldn't be playing in the game--big incentive)

We had a wonderful night last night--Scott was gone so the boys and I played UNO and had ice cream and read Prince Caspian and just enjoyed each other. What fun.

Carter made the macaroni and cheese last night. He is really getting into cooking.

While this week seemed to move pretty slowly due to the freezing cold weather, it is Friday now and all is well--we are one day closer to spring.

I am going to have Subway for lunch-yum!

I guess from the poll results my son might be the only one that doesn't have his cell phone before 14. Also, only four people read my blog-oh well. I do it for me!

It's payday.


Robyn said...

Does it count if I read your blog more than once usually?

Niki said...

No, it doesn't mean he's the only one under 14 without a cell phone. Remember, I have over 11 years until I hit that. If JP were Carter's age right now, he would not have a cell phone either. I'm just anticipating that technology will advance enough in the next decade plus to probably make it reasonable for him to have one, that's all. :)