Friday, January 11, 2008

Field Trip

Here's what I learned on the field trip yesterday:

1. still hate being out in the cold especially when it's snowing and blowing and no matter how happy the skiers and snowboarders looked on the mountain, I have NO desire to do any of that!

2. but, I did really enjoy snowshoeing. I could see myself doing that a bit more in the winter, it would be very fun with the kids, fun with friends and even fun by myself (very quiet).

3. Max learns best by exploration. He did a good job listening and doing what he was supposed to, but if he was left to his own devices, he would have had the whole area we were snowshoeing mapped out.

4. He is in a very nice class of kids--there were 15 parent chaperones there. That is a great thing to see in a school.

I forgot to tell you about the Geography Bee. Carter won for his class so he went against the other winners from the fourth and fifth grades. (If I'd found that site before the bee we would have studied), but we didn't--no one else did though because only two girls got any questions right. He felt bad that he did so bad, but he did as well as 8 other kids, so that helped him get over it, plus he gets a t-shirt for being a finalist so he's excited about that. Something only 10 other kids in his school have, pretty cool.

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