Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Max's first grade teacher is one of my very good friends. I taught her daughter in kindergarten when I was at Hedges and now she is teaching Max. My favorite thing about him being in her class is that she is extremely artistic so she does a lot of art projects which really plays to Max's strengths. Her classroom website has a lot of her project posted. Anyway, it's such a blessing that Max is in her class and a big bonus is that she will often e-mail me stuff that Max has done in class that day. Here's his journal entry for today:
On the downside, she had her evaluation from her principal yesterday (this is her first year) and she was told by her principal that she has too many interactions with Max. Part of that being that the principal was in the room for a half an hour and Max went to the bathroom twice. It is the weirdest thing, but he has this problem, daytime frequency of urination, which is an actual (?) medical condition that was diagnosed by our doctor last year. He sometimes goes as much as 10 times an hour. He has no problems at night and I know he can hold it, but when he has the slightest urge, he needs to go. It comes on during times of stress, so he is not always doing this, and it was way worse a month ago, but is fading a bit now. Anyway, so without actually saying it her principal (who knows we are good friends) accused her of favoring Max. So, she will stop that now, I am sure!

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