Friday, December 07, 2007


That's how I feel today. I do not know why but I have been the crabbiest thing for the last two days. So, glad for the weekend and glad for a few days to clear my head. Glad that I do not have that much going on this weekend and especially Sunday, I can take a break and not do much. I remember last year that I took a sick day and spent it at home, in bed for a long nap but I also got a lot done. It was more of a mental sick day. I am feeling like I need another one of those.

There is one thing that could be bringing me down--it's a small thing but whenever I think about it I get anxious. I think I lost a library book. I had just started Peter and the Secret of Rundoon and because this is my way, I had it with me in my car (I think). I can't find it anywhere. Maybe deep down this stress is affecting me more than I thought. Oh, and lack of sleep, and exercise.

The worst thing about being a teacher is when you have a child (or in my case this year 3) that you just don't like. It's not like they are bad kids or discipline problems, there is just something there that is really stopping you from making a connection. I need to shake this off and find a few things I like about each one of these kids because I hate feeling this way about any of my students!

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